Pelvic correction

Core pressure pelvic correction

Pelvic remodeling of the Moon Moon Body Hospital that trims pelvic distortion that is the cause of low back pain, lower body fat, postpartum fat, menstrual cramp and the like from a core with reliable technique

In the monthly moon moon bunches, we offer "pelvic correction" according to individual request, for everyone who has made reservations in the operation of "general body" which is the existing menu of core pressure regulation since opening in 2001 We have done it, but since we received a request for the operation of pelvic correction from a great many women, and since it was very popular for the treatment effect, we set a menu of pelvic correction alone, more specialized For those who wish to provide a high treatment and wish to obtain healthy and beautiful pelvis from the core, I hope to use the pelvic correction of the monthly moon by all means, since 2007 we have been offering original pelvic corrections The menu is "core pressure type pelvic correction". Pelvic floor is a key to good health, and pelvic distortion has a big negative effect on health including low back pain, so adjusting pelvic distortion is very effective in maintaining good health condition of your body.

Especially for women, because pelvic distortion is cold · menstrual pain · constipation · lower body fat, swollen · sweet peppers · buttocks · infertility · postpartum fat, such as health, as well as health will be greatly adversely affected, It is very important to keep it in a state.

"Core pressure type pelvic correction" prepares the pelvic distortion from the core by eliminating the poor circulation (cord) occurring in the deep position of the muscles having close relation with the movement of the pelvis arranged around the pelvis, I will regain the original healthy movement of the pelvis. Furthermore, in core pressure type pelvic correction, distortion of hip joints, feet, spine (lumbar vertebra, thoracic vertebra, and cervical vertebrae) occurring in parts other than the pelvis that have been involved in the distortion of the pelvis or related to distortion of the pelvis are also treated I will arrange. We will correct the distortion of parts other than the pelvis that affect pelvic distortion and pelvic distortion totally, and fundamentally eliminate the cause of distortion leading from the core to healthy and beautiful pelvis.