Outline of core pressure type pelvic correction

Correcting distortion of muscle is different, simultaneous correction of strain and distortion at the core month Pressure in the moon, correct distortion of parts other than the pelvis relating to pelvic and pelvic distortion in total, lead from the core to a healthy and beautiful pelvis I will.

Block technique

When pelvic distortion · hip joint deformity etc are seen, core pressure type pelvic correction is performed with painless chiropractic technology called block technique corresponding to correction of pelvic twist / hip joint deformity.

Core pressure type pelvic correction procedure

Check of pelvis and skeleton → core pressure regulation: foot → core pressure regimen: pelvis → core pressure regimen: spine (lumbar vertebra to cervical vertebra) → core pressure cortex: hip joint → core pressure cement: pelvis → stretch → pelvis and skeleton check

We will provide treatment appropriate for the state of the body ※, the condition of the treatment will vary somewhat depending on the condition of the individual's individual body.

About the number of treatments

We recommend that you receive 3 intensive procedures at intervals of 7 days to 10 days, including the first treatment, about the number of times when you use core pressure type pelvic correction. Although it corrects the distortion by one operation, there is a distortion of accumulation accumulated from the past, and until the first to the third treatment, the body tries to return to the distorted state until now. Three intensive procedures are necessary to prevent the body from returning to the original distortion immediately.

Regarding the distortion that occurs through daily lifestyle habits and work since three intensive procedures, it is ideal to maintain the pelvic healthy condition by using regular corrections of 1 or 2 degrees per month is.

About reversal reaction

· After 1 to 2 days of treatment I feel a painful feeling.

· After having received treatment several times, I feel numb, it seems like pain, etc. Also, different places are numb.

This symptom is due to reaction (reversal reaction), or reversion, because the autonomic nerve normally transfers nerve and muscle reactions to the brain because the dull working muscles worked normally It is rather a pleasure as it is a medical condition that happens to you. (It tends to occur as the condition becomes chronic)

With regard to the above, if the above symptoms are crossed (after the third treatment), autonomic nerve (natural healing power) becomes normal, innervation turns better, blood flow improves, waste matter is collected Effluent) Please be assured that we will surely turn around.