Trunk lymph [Legs] Pelvic correction ~ Oil less leg slimming slimming (Director's only offer)

Trunk lymph pelvic correction

Trunk lymph pelvic correction improves women's physical constitution and effective measures of body trunk adjustment and lymphatic activity for prevention and measures of female body in the treatment contents of conventional pelvic correction which arranges pelvic distortion, displacement and opening to the original correct position It is an evolutionary type pelvic correction that provides treatment only with the operation of the director.

Contents of trunk lymph pelvic correction

· Correct deep-sea muscles and correct for pelvic remodeling · skeleton correction · joint adjustment using block technique according to correction and distortion

· Trunk (large psoas muscle) adjustment

Internal organ adjustment

Lymph node activity

■ Effect of body trunk lymph pelvic correction

Pelvic distortion / displacement / opening correction, lymphatic activity, women's constitutional improvement (activity of female hormone), trunk adjustment, low back pain / hip pain, menstrual pain, constipation, lower body fat, swelling, chilling, green peppers ass · Infertility · Elimination of postpartum fat and the like, postpartum pelvic correction

Trunk lymph [Legs] Pelvic correction

In addition to the treatment contents including the trunk adjustment and the treatment of the lymphatic activity effective for prevention and countermeasure of distortion, displacement, opening of the trunk lymph pelvic remodeling and improvement of the constitution of women and menstrual pain, At the same time we carefully care for women's health and beauty at the same time strongly caring for women's health and beauty with legs straightening that strongly promotes fatigue, cord, edema, distortion, and elimination of fat by smoothing muscles thoroughly from the core. It is a course

Oil less legs are slimming so customers with sensitive skin can receive treatment without worry.

Trunk lymph [Legs] Contents of pelvic correction

· Correct deep-sea muscles and correct for pelvic remodeling · skeleton correction · joint adjustment using block technique according to correction and distortion

· Leg leg straightening (Leg legal adjustment)

· Trunk (large psoas muscle) adjustment

Internal organ adjustment

Lymph node activity

Trunk lymph [Legs] Effect of pelvic correction

Pelvic distortion / displacement / opening correction, lymphatic activity, leg leg effect, O leg X leg correction, women's constitutional improvement (activity of female hormones), trunk adjustment, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps Constipation · lower body fat mass · swelling · chilling · peppers ass, infertility · postpartum fat, etc., postpartum pelvic correction

Sensitive skin also relieved Oil-less Legs Organization Slimming

There are many cases where women's cosmetic slimming treatment such as legs and lymphs provides treatment using oil, but even if you want to use cosmetic slimming treatment because oil does not match your skin due to allergies and other reasons I think that there are women who are in trouble because they can not accept it.

Today Mochizuki Body Hospital / Director's Treatment provides you with a slim body treatment "body trunk lymph [beautiful legs] pelvic correction"] that you can receive with ease from the fundamental treatment of women's health regardless of compatibility between oil and skin / I am allowed to do.

Body trunk lymph at our hospital 【Legs】 The procedure of pelvic correction and trunk lymph pelvic correction is an operation that you receive under the condition that you wear surgical clothes not using oil.

Someone who is in trouble and can not receive it because you want to receive slimming treatment, but oil can not be received because it does not fit your skin, please train body trunk 【legs】 Please feel the effect of highly effective leg slimming treatment for women's health of pelvic correction .

Trunk lymphatic legs pelvic remedies Experiences

Voice of customer's pleasure

(Treatment course) Trunk lymph [Legs] Pelvic correction

(Worry) I got fat, meat sticks to thighs, pelvic distortion, posture got worse

"Although I was purchasing denim that I can put with just fit before just using the Moonchuku Monjuin, if I tried to wear that denim after the second treatment, I crossed the waist passing loose and my waist ) I was surprised to see if it was working just as much as I was able to afford to thigh part even when it became slim too much and even when tightened with a belt, the fabric of the waist would become wrinkle like a wrinkle.

Three experts for improving the constitution of women participating in trunk lymph pelvic correction and prevention and countermeasure of menstrual pain

Trunk adjustment (Lumbar muscle adjustment)

The major psoas muscle is an important muscle for the stability of the trunk that raises the thigh upwards with the backbone extending from the lumbar spine (part of the back of the spine) to the base of the thigh and the muscles connecting both feet and supporting the pelvis and spine Overtightness and functional deterioration of the large psoas major influences the distortion of the pelvis, and it has a great influence on the distortion of the pelvis, warp waist · humpback · pokori stomach · o leg · X leg · internal organs function decline · constipation · menstrual cramp · disorder of autonomic nervous · collapse of style It has a serious negative effect on women 's health and beauty such as women' s health and beauty, according to published data, after 30 's.

In trunk lymph pelvic correction, a special exercise for adjusting the work of the large psoas muscles, which is largely involved in the spine, pelvis, and hip joints, leads the adverse effects caused by excessive tension on the large psoas muscle and functional deterioration to a healthy state.

Internal organ adjustment

We will do the treatment with a special technique that improves working, digestion and absorption of internal organs and promotes flow of blood.

Combined with the effect of adjustment of the above-mentioned large psoas muscles, it promotes normalization of functions of internal organs and autonomic nerves, and adjusts abdominal muscles to promote stabilization of the trunk.

Lymph node treatment

Lymphatic surgery which is performed with trunk lymph pelvic correction is a special technique aimed at activating the function of "lymph node".

Lymph nodes are very important functions to remove pathogens, toxins, and wastes from the lymph ducts and filter them. Since female hormone flows also in the lymph, activation of the lymph node which is greatly related to lymphatic flow and work promotes activation of female hormone by enhancing excretion / immune function which is the role of lymph.

(Inguinal lymph node, clavicular lymph node, axillary lymph node, popliteal lymph node, abdominal lymph node)

※ The treatment is performed by wearing a surgical gown that does not use oil etc.

By adding the treatment effect of the above three specialized techniques to the treatment effect of core pressure type pelvic correction of our hospital and further improving treatment effect, we promote dissolution of the worry of the woman who is troubled by the contents as follows .

Lower back body, lower back body fat, lower body diet, stiff shoulder stiffness, collapse of style, waist line, internal organs function deterioration, wart hips, poccoli belly, back pain, menstrual pain, constipation, sciatica, hip joint pain, Skin roughness, cold, disturbed autonomic nervous

Instruction guide for trunk lymph pelvic correction

Prevention and countermeasure of menstrual pain of trunk lymph pelvic correction

Causes of menstrual pain

Prostaglandin (hormone)

Prostaglandin is an essential hormone for women's menstruation who has the function of promoting uterine contraction and discharging the endometrium, which is no longer necessary, out of the uterus.

Although the amount of secretion of prostaglandin increases before menstruation, too much secretion may cause pain like mild labor in the lower abdomen or lower back, menstrual pain such as headaches, back pain, dullness, nausea and the like worsen.

Female hormone (estrogen and progesterone)

Headache, low back pain, acne, pimple

There are two kinds of female hormones, estrogen which increases secretion from the end of menstruation before ovulation, and progesterone secreted to suppress ovulation after ovulation.

By disrupting these two hormonal imbalances, excessive secretion of estrogen makes it difficult for the old uterus to go out → progesterone excess secretion → induces severe pain.

Menstrual pain countermeasures

The important things necessary for normalizing disorder of the hormone / female sex hormone causing physiological pain as mentioned above and preventing menstrual cramps and menstrual pain are as follows.

· Improvement of poor circulation resulting from chills and stress

· To improve the flow of lymph flowing female hormones

· To improve the workings of the ovaries and uterus, heat the internal organs and prevent function deterioration

Trunk lymph pelvic correction for preventing and countering menstrual pain

In order to realize important things for prevention and measures of menstrual pain as above, in the trunk lymph pelvic correction, the operation to arrange the distortion and skeleton of the pelvis with the operation to relax the muscle relating to the pelvic work of the core pressure type pelvic correction from the deep part By applying the following treatment to the contents, we aim to relieve by severe mental pain prevention and measures.

· Comprehensive functional activity by adjustment of the trunk (major psoas muscles) related to all functions of the body such as skeleton, pelvis, internal organs, lymph, blood flow, mental, etc., adjustment of trunk (major psoas muscle)

· Activation of lymph node → activation of flow of lymph flowing female hormone

· Internal organs adjustment → internal organs to promote normalization of functions to improve the function of ovaries, uterus

There are plenty of women who will accept treatment at the monthly moon moon bunka who will talk about problems related to menstrual cramps.

In the case of treatment, we may offer the treatment suitable for the body of one customer individually, and we may receive pleasure voice that menstrual pain has become easier, but when menstrual pain is severe, pelvis · Even in skeletal deep muscle remediation it was sometimes difficult to demonstrate adequate effects in preventing and countering menstrual cramps.

For body trunk lymph pelvic correction, we will do our utmost to demonstrate the effect in prevention and countermeasure of severe menstrual pain.

In the case of severe menstrual pain, it may be unavoidable to take medicine, but we realize prevention and countermeasure of menstrual pain within the range of natural therapy (procedure), and it is a chemical substance and a strong ingredient If taking medicine every time you take medicine every time you can reduce even a single dose of female physiology will continue for decades so greatly contribute to women's health and beauty I believe that.

If you are a woman who suffers from menstrual pain, please contact us.


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